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Re: What's the deal with wool?

Wool is really great. I was really afraid of it at first. I got started with a few preemie covers a friend made and now buy shorties, longies (pants) covers, etc. They are great for clothes too! It is not itchy. I personally never liked wearing sweaters but covers for babies are really soft and comfy. Very breathable. Only have to wash every few weeks unless soiled. Washing and lanolizing isnt as complicated as it sounds either. As said above, be sure the diaper underneath is an appropriately absorbent diaper and then you can count on the wool to catch small leaks. Also great for skinny legged babies that other covers wont get a good seal on. I never believed that it didnt leak because it just didnt make sense but it really doesnt. Of course, if you dont have a good diaper underneath, it can't make up for that Feel free to pm me if you have any questions about good brands or how to care for it. I use it most of the time now and read all I can on the topic!
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