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Originally Posted by songbird516 View Post
I don't suppose that it's possible that there isn't much "peer-reviewed, empirical research" that is anti-vaccination because such research would not be tolerated by the mainstream scientific community? There is such a thing as science, and then there is research that is skewed and biased. Most research on vaccines is supported by the industry that promotes or manufacture vaccines.
The fact that there is a court that gives parents money for vaccine injuries to their children is evidence alone that there are risks that should be taken into account, and I feel that your comments might be hurtful to parents who have lost children not 6 months after their vaccinations, but the same day as, or days from their shots. It almost sounds like you're saying that they can't possibly know that. I personally feel that PARENTS usually know better than doctors when it comes to the health of their children, and if a mother says "my child got their 4 month vaccinations and died in bed that night, or two nights later, and I really feel that it was the vaccine..." who are we to judge?

OP, there is a documentary that you might like called "The Greater Good". I felt that it was somewhat balanced, in that it wasn't anti-vaccination, but rather, showed some families who had been affected by vaccination, and called for more research and options for parents who wanted to delay or do alternative schedules. And less judgement from the medical community for those choices, because, let's face it. CHILDREN THESE DAYS ARE NOT HEALTHY. They're just not.
I don't mean to be cruel, but we simply cannot have people going around telling half truths. Unfortunately, people die. Sudden, unexplained death doesn't end after infancy. If a child is vaccinated, shows absolutely no abnormal signs indicating an adverse reaction, dies in their sleep and an autopsy shows that it is, in fact, sudden unexpected death syndrome, there is not enough evidence to tie it to vaccination. When it comes to a parent feeling it was the vaccine, as terribly as my heart aches for them, there's simply not any evidence to back up their claim.

Absolutely nothing is 100% safe. However, vaccines are incredibly safe and severe side effects are very rare.

I am actively involved in the scientific community, and your claim that anything anti-vaccine would be pushed aside simply isn't true. Out of the countless studies, if vaccines were truly dangerous, there'd be at least one. Studies aren't only done by big labs funded by pharma, universities do them too. Do you know how big a reliable study showing vaccines to be unsafe would be? The attention it would bring the university? Lab researchers would kill for that kind of publicity. Not to mention, the scientific method is solid and independent of human bias. Though I don't doubt that there are skewed studies (cough, the vaccines-cause-autism study that was recanted), to imply that every study done since the introduction of vaccination has been tampered with or misrepresented is laughable.

As for your last point, the reason the medical community doesn't generally care for families altering or skipping vaccines is because a lot of time and research has gone into getting the schedule to the Goldilocks zone where they are being administered in a specific arrangement at specific times to ensure immunity. There's a reason that the vaccine schedules in all western countries are virtually identical.

Furthermore, THE leading cause of health issues in children today has nothing to do with vaccine injuries. It has to do with the poor diets and obesity that is running rampant. I was vaccinated and formula fed, and a very healthy child. My grandma was nursed, fed a healthy diet, not vaccinated and spent her entire childhood sick (ear infections, throat infections and a few VPDs). Some kids are more sickly than others, even if they're never vaccinated and don't leave their tiny town ever, are breastfed until age five and eat a perfect diet of all-organic local foods.
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