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Re: Just for fun: share your potty mishaps

LOL, same thing happened to my DS#2 when I had him nakies at his high chair! He neede some major air time and I put a prefold under him but the dude ended up peeing all over the under side of his tray! I thought it sounded really weird at first and I also thought it strange that there was water dripping- that's when I put it together

My LO has also managed to pee in his potty without even being ON his potty while on nakie time. Now THAT was pretty hilarious! And just today he went poops, 3 DAYS WORTH OF BF POOPS, in his diaper during the ONLY time I didn't take him to the potty. Argh! Seriously, I had been waiting for him to go for the last two days every time he made any grunting noise, and the moment I decide to give myself a break, he has a major blowout! Anyway, those are my most recent mishaps . Still loving EC-ing though
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