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Re: The power of Santa...

I've never used Santa but my equivalent of your 2yr old is my dd2 who is 3 and I think I might try the Santa card when I can't take it anymore!

My parents used to use the Santa card. And yes, they lied to us about Santa every single year. And the only bad thing was when we had to grow up and find out that the wonderful story wasn't exactly true. Although even after we found out my mum denied it and always just said that Santa visits those who believe. Since Santa brought the good stuff we 'believed'! I really really can't see the harm in all this.

DH grew up as a jahovah's witness so the complete opposite of my non religious upbringing and and I really can't see how he is a better, more balanced, more sane, more virtuous, or anything else, person because his parents didn't lie to him!
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