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Originally Posted by Bhavana
I was the other way around. I wanted everybody to hold my babies and coo over them. My SIL was very possessive of my niece (she still is) and it hurt and offended my mom a lot. She would give the baby to my mom but would take her back within a min saying a million diff reasons. Like as if my mom(or anybody else who held her) had claws and fangs. I offered twice to hold/rock my niece when she was colicky and SIL hadnt slept well in over 30h, both the times she thwarted my offers and I gave up. Didnt hold her at all unless my brother gave the baby. We all just gave up lest the baby became the object of tug-of-war...that was 12y ago.

And I had made up my mind way back then to not be like her when I had my kids. Because yes, infants are squishy and mommy wants to eat and drink them all the time, just like how they eat mommy up all the time! But you have to understand that the family also wants to cuddle the newborn, even if its for just a few mins because for over 20h of the'll be with mom (assuming in all the baby is held by others for 4h..which is likely a LOT lesser than that since the baby gets carted back to the mom the second it starts to whimper)

If babyhood is such a short time for you (it IS. AGREED) its even shorter for your family because they get to see it for just a few hours when they visit. And all babies stir maternal feelings in most people (adolescents not included!)
I'm gonna have to say screw family here. Not their baby. Mom and dad decide how it is, end of story. I don't care if my wanting to protect my baby and keep him close upsets you. That is how it should be.

Op- in case it isn't obvious, I think your feelings are normal. Don't feel obligated to hand over the baby.
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