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Re: Chili- share your recipe!

Chili Beans Recipe
3 Pounds of lean hamburger or ground chuck meat
5 Table spoons of chili powder
5 Table spoons of paprika
1 Big Onion chopped
1 Table spoon of garlic powder
4 Table spoons of salt
1 Big can of Hunt's Diced Tomatoes
1 Big can of Hunt's Crushed Tomatoes
1 Small can of Hunt's Tomatoe Sauce
1 Tea spoons of chili flakes
1 Half cup of ketchup [ Optional ]
1 - 3 Teaspoons of red pepper or Kiann pepper [ Optional ]
4 Cans of pinto or your Fav beans

*** Healthy way of cooking meat suggestions PLEASE READ!

This way of cooking meats is much better for you and taste better too!
Our family boils our meat in a big pot separately in water such as hamburger or what ever meat for your chili!
We boil the meat in water for about 1 hour or until the meat is fully cooked.
When done, we then use a colander and pour off the hot greasy water off into a bowl then you can
discard out doors somewhere NOT pour your greasy water off into your kitchen sink!
“Over time pouring grease or greasy water off into your kitchen sink drains will clog your drains”
Now you have your meat cooked and a big percentage of your meat cooked without all that bad grease!
Now you have your meat poured and drained in a bowl.

Cooking your meat by this cooking method above, this great chili won't give you any heart burn!

Now you have your meat cooked with out all that bad grease and set aside.
In your big pot, put in your chopped onion and saute the onions a little on medium high heat.
Add your tomatoes and tomato sauce, chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, salt, red pepper/Kiann pepper and beans in with your onions in the pot.
Now stir all in pot and combine the spices and ingredients well. Now add the cooked, healthy cooked meat to the pot on medium high heat for 15 mins.
After stirring well all ingredients on medium high heat for 15 min.s turn heat to medium heat level and cover and let simmer for 45 min.s and serve.
The next day is even better!

Enjoy this great Chili Beans!
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