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My sons old preschool used nap mats but we had to supply them. We bought an upgraded one (thicker than normal) so it would be a bit softer. We sent a body pillow case to cover the mat, a small blanket, and a small pillow. His name was on everything.

The mat is totally ruined after leas than a year. The kids pick them up so they just shove them in the cupboard and sometimes they rip, etc. Also, they all walk all over them which is gross but also tears them up.

When we started, we were told you had to use the kinder mat and couldn't have those special roll ones with everything attached. Some people still brought them though. They got dirty from being on the ground, they weren't machine washable (ew to me!), and the daycare was required to bleach each mat after nap, so these were ruined. I couldn't get over the fact that those pretty roll up ones were NEVER washed. I asked several moms and they said there was no way to wash them because of how they were sewn. Ickk.

If I had to do it again, I'd just send a blanket and pillow and skip the large pillow case. They put it over the mat so the kids dont sweat and stick to the mat, but they never paid attention enough to keep the same side of the case to the floor everyday, so it was dirty and pointless. However, there were plenty of kids who used nothing and just laid on the mat just fine. It's personal preference for your child..

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