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Daniel Nathan

Daniel Nathan was born yesterday after just 5 hours of labor. The doctor broke my water at 8am (2.5 cm 50% effaced) and pitocin was started around 8:45 am. I stayed in bed for about the first our because I had to be monitored with the pitocin. Then we walked for about an hour. Contractions started picking up around 10am. They started to become ones I needed to breathe through at this time so I asked to have the tub filled. Before getting in, I needed to be checked. At 10:45 I was only 3cm, still posterior, and about 60%. I got a little discouraged. I was also hesitant about getting in the tub and having it slow things down.
But I got in around 11am. About 15 minutes later I felt like I needed to poop and getting nauseous. DH got the nurse because he recognized this as transition and she checked me again. I was hesitant to be checked again thinking I could not have progressed in 15 minutes. But, I was now 7cm. I was so relieved that things were getting close. With my other 2, I went from here to 10 in about 3 contractions and less than 10 minutes. I felt good even though the contractions were now horrific. Unfortunately, transition lasted nearly 2 hours! I really thought I was going to die. I was completely relaxed in between, but panicking during the contractions. My youngest could not handle it and went to the waiting room. My oldest was oblivious and playing DS. At 1:38 the midwife checked me during a contraction because I had a pushing urge finally. *(the exam during the contraction was the worse pain of my life) and I just had a lip. So she moved the lip on my next contraction at 1:40 and I pushed him out in less than 1 minute with just one contraction! I remember opening my eyes and seeing my oldest standing wide eyed at the end of the tub. He witnessed the whole thing and was so excited to have a baby brother. Luckily my mom took him right out to the waiting room because from here out was gory.
I then got out of the tub to birth the placenta. I was hemmoraging and the midwife was getting worried. She was pressing so hard on my belly which was almost as bad as the labor. Finally got the bleeding under control. Now I feel great. I had a 1st degree laceration but do not feel sore or bruised at all. The boys are so in love with their baby brother. we are all doing well.*
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