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Originally Posted by crazyeyesmcgee
I do NOT want people holding my babies until they are at least a few months old. I always dread the "food drop off" because I know it's sort of expected to let them cuddle baby while they are there. This time around, I just stopped offering even when they'd drop hints. If it was family asking, I'd say "she JUSt fell asleep and I don't want to wake her" or something like that. Don't care, MY baby, you can wait. And absolutely NO kids holding baby until 3-4 months old. My midwife (yes, midwife!!) brought her 9 year old over for my post partum visit and kept saying her daughter tagged along alllll day to her appointments just to see and hold my baby. When I didn't give in, she finally whispered "can you just let her hold her for a minute?" I said no and gave some excuse I can't remember now. Sadly, if I ever have another I will not use her as my midwife because that pissed me off so much.
Oh my goodness. That is some gall.
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