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Re: Fitted Sew-A-Long

Originally Posted by Foolalex View Post
I'd like to join!

I have some large cut out that are from the CRD pattern that I (someday) will make into OS pockets with the snaps I bought.

Or, there's an alternative, I guess. I'm not sure if I should make some mediums and larges, using the snaps for the waist? Velcro and I don't get along very well when I sew, and that seems to be the biggest time sink...

What do y'all think?
I don't like velcro dipes period. I don't like the fact that they look worn sooner, especially if you are making a size they will wear a long time. I also don't like laundry snakes. It takes some getting used to snaps when putting them on the baby if you are used to sposies/ velcro but once you train your hands its not a problem, also if you are diapering a toddler they have a harder time taking off their dipe if it's snaps.

I guess what I'm saying some snaps and see if you like them, everything I've made so far has snaps, except for some newborn PUL covers (in case I need a tighter fit in the beginning, but they don't wear that size very long).
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