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Originally Posted by songbird516

hehe. I think we'd get a long really well. I taught a baby care class and one of the moms heard me mention raw milk. She pulled me aside afterwards and asked me if I had had raw milk throughout my pregnancy. I told her yes and found out that we actually use the same farmer, lol. She had been afraid to tell the midwife because she didn't know how she'd react! But I filled out the diet survey that the midwife asked me to and made it clear that raw milk, sushi, and raw egg yolks are a steady source of nutrition for me. She just commended me for staying away from processed foods, and that was the end of that.

And seriously that whole "no ceasar dressing" thing is way outdated. Really, how many resaurants make their own dressing? Tell me where they are so that I can eat there!
hahaha we are so on the same page. I suspect there atre a lot of moms who eat real food in the closet for fear of judgment. I was fully pregnant and drinking red wine at a restaurant once, and a woman came up to me and I thought "oh no, here we go." Turns out she was a midwife and she wanted to THANK me for drinking wine in public! I felt so European. I wish I knew where to get raw milk locally. When I was preggers all I could eat when sick was cold cereal and I always had the thickest whole milk whole foods carried. Mmm. Oh, and I totally make my own Cesar salad dressing, and did while pregnant! Coddled egg yolk, anchovies and all! Is so much better than that jarred stuff.

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