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Re: Want to use cloth pads but need help. Anyone?

Originally Posted by Lifeisjoy View Post
Hi i have not tried cloth pads but have been using a lunette cup for about 4 months. Really like it! Research it and see if its something for you.
Hmm maybe I will look into that as well. I have heard others mention it before, it would be something to consider. Thanks!

Originally Posted by EssentialGoodz View Post
A couple favorite brands of pads I love are Treehugger minky pads and just fussy bamboo velour pads with wool backing. Both of these companies have great fitting panty liners too It seems like a huge jump to go from disposables to cloth.... Dont worry though, its a lot better and more comfortable.

You asked about cleaning: After using a pad its best to rinse it out in the sink right when you are done with it. While rinsing, ring out the pad and make sure you get everything off/out of it that you can. I then put the pad in a hanging medium wetbag. Don't shut the wetbag though- these wet things need air circulation! Another option for storing used pads is in the diaper pail if you use one for diapers anyway. I just wash all pads in the washer on hot. I use tide sport usually or ecos. I do 2 washes so they get very clean. In the dryer they must be on low or medium low heat. Even the wool backed pads can be washed and dried as normal cotton- they are just fine so dont worry. All pads can easily be air dried as well.

Hope this helps! I store clean pads in a plastic container with a lid on it under the sink. The container is roughly the size of a shoebox and holds pads sizes 5 and 1/2 inches in length to 12 inches in length.... I also have a ladycup as well that I store in there.
Yes that helps a lot! I could use all the info. I can get. I'll definitely look into some of these brands, I may do what you said and test a few brands out first to see which I like best, before I make a final decision. Thanks!!
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