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I have been a diaper snob for years, but a few weeks ago when what I had wasn't working and the fact that we are beyond broke I bought an Alva off eBay for $6.09ppd.

It arrived in 10 days.

It smelled chemically upon arrival, but the smell went away after the first wash.

The inner is a cheap feeling suede cloth. I don't like suede cloth, but it doesn't seem to bother dd.

The outer is a soft PUL, it really doesn't feel much different from Blueberry, Bum Genius or Happy Heiny.

I stuffed it with a Thirsties hemp duo size 2 prefold and it is easily a 3 hour diaper.

No wing droop, no red marks on dd.

I'm impressed so far. I feel guilty for buying a China cheapie instead of supporting a US based business, but at the moment my own personal bottom line takes precedence.

You aren't supposed to wash on hot, but I do. No issues with delamination yet. I do hang dry. There are lots of other Alva users that say they wash on hot with no issues. I figure for $6 I will take the risk.
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