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toddler vitamin recs?

DS used to LOVE veggies.. and pretty much anything you would put in front of him. for the last month or 2 he has become super picky and hardly eats anything. He still easts tons of fruit, but veggies and protein... forget it. I slip the protein in through chobani yogurt since it has a ton in it, and slip the veggies in through those fruit/veggie pouches.. he thinks those are a treat ... but I dont feel like he is eating enough variety to get a balanced diet, though he is offered a balanced meal 3x a day plus healthy snacks.

You cant force feed a toddler lol. So I want to put him on a good vitamin to ensure it is filling in the gaps of the food he is refusing to eat..

He will be 2 in November. What do you all suggest? I am thinking a liquid i can mix into the yogurt seeing he is allergic to Red dye and i know the gummy ones have that in them. Im open to all suggestions though.

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