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Both sunbabies sizes are one size, the size 1 is just the older and smaller sizing (for smaller/petite kiddos like mine). They use a fleece inner which I dislike myself, but many do like. The fit is pretty good on both sizes- for my child the size 1 will likely last through pt, but if your little one is average or a chunky monkey- size 2 is abetted bet. They are pockets so you can adjust the type of insert for best absorbency. I do feel they are pretty easy to use and are efficient and reliable. I've not ordered from the website, I've only bought them used or through a coop.

Alva are my favorite cheapies. I LOVE them (although I still love my American made diapers). From what I understand they are the largest factory and manufacturer, and go through more stringent inspections. They are very reliable, fit well, are one size, come in a gazillion colors and patterns, and also offer a double gusset series (these are awesome). All are pockets- most are suede cloth, but there a few that have fleece inners. You can order Alva on the website, through eBay, or through a coop. I've only done coops, but I have heard the turnaround time is similar for the other two options (can be literally within a week, or up to a couple of weeks. Coops can take longer because they are being sent to a host, sorted. Then shipped to you- but they can offer a low low price). Many companies are Alva with another label slapped on them- so if it looks like an alva, it probably is.

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