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Re: Diapers, Cloth Pads & 1st time ordering Fabric Online

You know what pattern you want to use for the pads. Take the measurements of the pattern times the number of layers, times the number of pads and do the math for how much additional fabric you will need.

Personally I dislike stuffable pads. They are more complicated to sew and can be a pain to use. Since you have never used cloth pads you should make a few different shaped pads and decide what shape works for you best before making a whole stash.

As for the jersey...depends on how many layers you will be using. I find jersey used for diapering wears pretty quickly, in heavy use I would expect it to show serious wear(rips, runs, holes) inside of 6-12 months. It will still absorb but it won't be as pretty.

Next on the list of ordering that much fabric for a unknown is..........Are you sure it will work for you? Its a big investment. Cotton is not absorbent enough for my girls(one no longer in diapers). They are both super soakers. I use cotton but it is a supplement to bamboo and hemp. What if you get a super soaker?

I love Natures Fabric and order from her for most of my diaper/kid sewing but the weight of all that fabric plus the cost of shipping and duty is likely not worth it for just cotton jersey. I say that because cotton jersey can be found at pretty much any fabric store. Do you have a Fabricville near? One of their buy 1 get 2 free yard sales would be perfect.
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