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Originally Posted by ElsieCayare
I had just gotten down to my "target " weight before i got pregnant with DS. I gained 50+. I got within 8 pounds of my target again and now I'm pregnant again. So far I'm up about 5 pounds.
I just puked up bile.
So I'm eating oreos.

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Lol at the Oreos.

I am anxious about the weight gain. I gained 40lbs with DD- starting at my heaviest weight ever which was 20-30 lbs overweight.
After birth I immediately dropped 27 lbs- holy water weight.
I've worked 2.5 years to lose that extra plus 20lbs to get to my first goal weight. I'm already up several pounds, bloated, and can't comfortably fit in my pants.

Ideally I'd only gain 25lbs this time.

I've been breast feeding 2.5 years and the weight did not magically melt off for me either. I did P90X2 and other exercise.
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