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Re: Parenting style: Raising a person

I think the biggest issue here is people don't like to feel judged. IRL feel judged when I'm with my conventional friends b/c we do unconventional things like selective/delay vaccinate, VERY clean eating, homeschool, we don't do Santa or Halloween and far too many other things to mention. When I'm with like minded friends we tend to be discussing why other people don't do these things which is also judging. I have convictions and passions that can be really offensive to other people but I feel like just b/c I am passionate about them doesn't mean I have to be down on others for different choices. I feel like our society's need for tolerance and acceptance has gone so far in the other direction that being "normal" or "traditional" isn't tolerated. While I do agree that you should research and make the best decision for your family I think we all need to realize that there are various cultural, educational, and religious backgrounds that will naturally skew someones decisions. I have very poor friends with English as a second language that don't have internet at home or time to go to the library to do the research. They honestly have no choice but to trust that their pediatrician is giving them correct information. My sister is a nurse and has never heard of half of the medical alternatives that we use, she wouldn't have even known to research an alternative to antibiotics.

I know we are all seeking people to connect with and validate our parenting styles but I wish we could all (myself included) be more accepting that the majority of people are doing the very best that they can.
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