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Re: What were your medical reasons for circumcising?

My oldest son was circ'ed behind my back. His father consented to the procedure. The reason was to lessen the risk of UTIs, yeast infections, and to look like his father. My son's circ took weeks to heal, was extremely painful for him to deal with, and he got repeated UTIs and yeast infections. His bladder is scarred from the amount of UTIs he had while still in diapers. He also is resistant to certain antibiotics now. It was not a good experience for us.

My younger 3 boys were left intact and none of them has had one UTI or yeast infection. None of them had the issues my oldest did. So for us, the things that were supposed to be prevented by the procedure happened because of the procedure. The pedi who recommended this to us ended up appologizing to me after when he had twin boys he chose to keep intact. I can say that he has no issues with it now and is 15 yrs old. He only had issues when still in diapers.
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