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I am destashing what I don't use . I am trying to price these to move. They may look pretty on the shelf but I would love to see them get used. LOL They come from a smoke free , pet friendly home . All prices are PPD. I am offering a diaper bag to anyone who buys more then 12 .

* All my diapers have little to no staining , I bought them first hand from retailers and very few were bought off here.

BG 4.0 Aplix $10ppd a piece VGUC Little to no staining . Didnt see any when I inspected them but could have missed a spot. Selling these without inserts, if you absolutely need one contact me and I will see if i can round any extras up .

1 Eiffel Towers SOLD
1Retail Therapy SOLD
1 Concrete Jungle SOLD
1 Free Spirit SOLD
1 Moonbeam SOLD
1 Ribbit SOLD
1 Mirror SOLD
1 Bubble SOLD
2 Blossom
1 Zinnia $6ppd GUC (pilly, elastic may be a tiny bit loose, other then that very fuctionable)

Smartipants OS All bought brand new by my all used once or twice a piece. EEUC. All come with inserts $10ppd a piece ALL SOLD

2 Jet black
2 Fire Engine Red
1 True Blue
1 Brown
1 Think Pink
1 Mellow Yellow
1 Bubble Gum Pink
1 White
1 Spring Green
1 Aqua
1 Clever Clover

HH size Medium with ruffles. Bought these off a mama on here , VGUC come with inserts , no stains , These have a very strong fragrance to them I have yet to try and wash out . They didnt fit my daughter. $6ppd a piece
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