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Re: Going pat 41 weeks...really dangerous?

To my knowledge the only study actually done on still birth and timing was conducted in the 50's. It is the study most quoted. *To my knowledge* there has been no comprehensive study on the subject since that study. It's possible something has come out recently, but if it has, I haven't seen it, and Im kind of a research freak. You are absolutely within your rights to ask her to site her sources and backup her statement. You have the the right to read and draw your own conclusion. If you BPP looks good, sono says your placenta is doing fine, I see zero evidence for induction.

Additionally, conditions in utero for one mamma at 41 weeks can be totally different than another. Making blanket statements without taking specifics into account is irresponsible and leads to "standard of care" treatment. I personally dont want "standard of care". I want evidence (based on ME and MY situation) based treatment.
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