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Re: ~~Monkey Butt Soap Bits~~Liquid Wipes Solution~~Baby Baff Bars~~

I am out of Love Spell Baby Baff Bars, but I do have one Spa Bar available from that batch. I can't believe how fast they sold out.
I am also out of Baby Bee & Buttermilk Baby Baff bars. There is also one Spa Bar left from that batch. The Spa Bars are 4ozs.

Baby Bee and Buttermilk Soap Bits are available but they are going fast to get them while you can! They won't be back until November when I replenish soap supplies.

Sampler size Liquid Wipes Solution Concentrate is available on The Creative Mamas Congo. These do not qualify for sale price.

Fan friend us on Facebook for updates!

Lotion Bars are available as well. They work great on all types of skin and are safe for babies!

Whipped Diaper Butter is available and is cloth safe.

Don't forget my big sale (well, big for soap vendors, lol). Use code FALL to get 15% off of your purchase or PM me for your order. I will be working on getting back to visiting this site on a regular basis again now that my chaotic life is going back to normal.
Monkey Butt Designs is on Hyena Cart. Home of Kim's Famous Monkey Butt Soap Bits/Cloth Wipes solution. Created in 2006.

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