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The penile cancer argument makes no sense. Do we remove the breast buds from boys and girls as infants to stop the chance of breast cancer? If a male is intact and has penile cancer they circumcise. If he is circumcised they remove some or all of the penis.

1% of circumcised males get UTIs 2% of intact males get a uti. Girls get 8x more yet we have antibiotics for that. Same with yeast infections. Girls get them yet we treat it.

There have been no accurate studies a for stds. But why not teach your child safe sex with a condom?
Male foreskin has 20,000 nerves, a clitoris has 8,000 so you're taking more than double away. The foreskin is fused over the head of the penis so in order to circumcise you have to tear the glans away (like ripping a nail off) and then cut. If you haven't watched a video of one being done, do so.

There are tons of men speakin out about their own circumcisions and now restoring. Check out Lots of good info. Over 100 babies die every year due to circumcision which is more than how many Neonatals die from SIDS and car accidents.

No medical organization reccomends RIC and 80% of the world is intact with rates dropping in the us daily.
As far as cleaning an intact penis, you wipe like a finger. Never retract ever. Most problems you hear of are due to retracting early or phimosis which doesn't exsist in a child because they're not supposed to retract.
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