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Re: Head Start...home visits?

I worked at head start as a family service worker for 6 years and the home visit is a chance for you and the teacher to get together and set goals for your child for the school year. Your fsw should meet with you also to see if you need any assistance with anything (food, utilities, info on going to school) and work on these goals with you. It's not to check out your house like cps would, but to be honest we did look at how the conditions were. I walked into some houses that were just disgusting and couldn't believe people lived there, but that wasn't the norm. The main goal is for you and the teacher to communicate about your child and if the fsw is there for him/her to check in with you also and make sure you are getting the services you need. Like a PP said you can also have them at the site usually so if that would work for you then you can ask the teacher about that. At my site we had a whole week just for home visits (we had over 300 kids at our site) but at a smaller site they may not have as many days to complete it. Hope this helps!
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