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Re: Class Project: Why do/don't you buy WAHM diapers?

How much of your stash is WAHM made? Very little, I have 5 WAHM diapers all from the same seller
How did you decide to buy those brands (reputation, just fell in love, etc)? I choose becase of the prints and cheap price, seemed well liked on her Facebook account
How pleased have you been with your WAHM purchases (and why?) nope, I order a cover and asked for flip like flaps, only had a front flap the first time that was way too big and after a remake still wasn't happy but gave up.
Why don't you buy more (or any) WAHM diapers? Cost is usually high as name brand or higher. I like flips and couldn't find someone who had a flip like cover with reviews to know it was good after my poor first experiance
If money were no object, but all other situations were the same (WAHM stocking schedules, uncertainty about brands) would you have a fully WAHM stash? No, But I would have more WAHM diaper because I wouldn't be afraid of wasting money on something I didn't like.
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