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Re: Dave Ramsey Support Thread Oct 8 - Oct 14

Originally Posted by crazyeyesmcgee View Post
Alright, I'm joining you ladies as of today. DH and i sat down last night and finally, FINALLY made a budget and figured out where to begin. We have started Dave like three different times and never even gotten to the budget part. Good news is, we both are super motivated and on the same page. Bad news is, we are behind on bills.'s catch up time.

Spent the day promoting DH's photography business on FB and updating his blog; a few sessions booked for the holidays would really help is get current. I have some things I can sell (diapers, etc) but I have to find time to photo and list them. And won't DH be surprised that I spent some time today making family cloth so we don't have to buy TP, 'cause we are almost out and we have NO money.

We figured we have about 30K to pay off, but it's mostly one CC (16K) and the rest is a bunch of piddly stuff that we should be able to knock out with snowballing. I'm hoping 1 year, 2 MAX. Our mortgage is only 65K on top of that.

It feels GOOD to have a plan. I feel in control for the first time in a looooong time.
Great job on having a plan, one step at a time you can do it

AFM: I've been sick with step again and haven't been able to do much. THe good new is, we haven't spent any money
I made a huge budget boo boo this month. I thought my SL was taken out on the 15th (so that is the check I have it assigned to) but when I logged into my account today it was taken today. On a brighter note I received my first commission check from the direct sales job I started, so we had the money in the account. Just won't have SB money this week
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