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Re: Grrr...I hate eBay sometimes!

I agree with the others on asking for a picture, if she won't send you one then you're probably right and I think it would be OK to leave a neg in that case, because she should have set a reserve price.

I am seriously hating ebay too. I'd say out of the past 10 items I bought only 3 I would consider as described. I just bought a wool onesie and could see stains in the picture even though her description said "brand new, never worn condition" So I messaged the lady and asked her if she was sure the shirt was in new condition and noted I saw stains and described where they were, and also mentioned the tag looked kinda worn for a new item. She assured me that the item had never been worn because it was "too hot" to wear. She said the stains I described were natural wool discoloration and that she had bought the item new at a retail site. I figured the stains could be from a dirty camera lens so I bid. Item came and there were the stains, grease stains. The tag was not only worn and faded but frayed and very crumpled. No wonder she wad her finger on the tag in the pic... and there were pills on the bum and on the inside. As well as a couple more stains I couldn't see in her picture. I was totally ticked because I asked her up front about this stuff and she lied. I gave her a negative. I would have bid on it and used it in that condition, but wouldn't have been willing to pay as much as I did. She was totally rude about it when I messaged her after receiving. So rude I left my first ebay negative fb ever after having been a member for 11 years. I am so much happier buying on this site!!!
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