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question about wool longies & shorties

so i have totally fallen right back in love with my interlock (natural blue cloud) covers... i used them exclusively for dd, i just got lazy and tired of washing them...

anyways i have fallen back in love with my wool, and im thinking if i get more wool it wont be so bad because i only have 4 covers, per size...if i have more on hand it wont be a big deal when i need to wash (running out of covers)

anyways before id always have to put something over the cover because stuff would get stuck to it... hair or pieces of whatever on the floor, my house it not discusting but i wont lie, i absolutely have vacuuming and i put it off as much as possible ) i dont know if i hate carpet more or vacuuming more...carpet i think..,.anyways.... does that drive anyone else crazy? thats why ive never gotten shorties or longies, but i really want some longies for winter!!!!!!!! im not sure what im asking here, i guess how do u keep them clean with a crawler??? lol just vacuum more..or rip the carpet out? lol
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