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Re: Lil Shamrocks - Week of Oct 8

Originally Posted by mommajewels View Post
No worries, mama... these aren't questions we haven't thought about & discussed ourselves, nor are they questions we haven't already been asked by family & friends.

We had actually decided before we got pregnant with LO6 that we were complete with the 5 kiddos we had. We were tossing around the idea of scheduling his Vasectomy the Friday before he had school (He is a Union Carpenter Apprentice and has a week of school every 6 mos) so he'd have all weekend to recover, and then have very light duty the following week. However, apparently someone had other plans for us because we got pregnant with LO6 in June. We were both excited right away, albeit caught off guard, and we've had many laughs about "being shown" when we thought we were done having kiddos. This baby is definitely just as welcome as her/his sisters & brothers were. BUT we know for 100% certain, without a doubt, that we are done. Now onto why we're doing it now, while I'm still pregnant.

1) We've hit our yearly deductible (300 per person, 600 per family) as well as the OOP maximum (1,500 per year, per family) for our insurance this year. So having his Vasectomy done now will make it covered in full by our insurance.

2) He has school the week of November 5th-9th, so the 2nd (Friday before, right in line with out previous plans giving him the oppertunity to recover before having to go back to work & not miss any work.) is the idea date for us.

3) We have discussed the fact that I'm still so early into this pregnancy and although I have perfect prenatal history, baby is looking great, etc... things can still happen. And we've both decided that if Heaven forbid something were to go wrong with this baby, it wouldn't change our feelings regarding the matter. We decided we were complete with 5, but then we were unexpectedly blessed with our 6th... we feel incredibly thankful & blessed for the kiddos we do have and of course we hope & pray this baby will be just as healthy as her/his brothers & sisters. We also discussed the fact that my 20 wk anatomy scan is 4 days prior to his procedure, so while I doubt it would influence our decision any, if by chance they find something wrong with the baby.. we could always change our mind. But like I said, we're both so sure either way, I doubt it would influence our decision.

I assure you we've thought long & hard about this (Started discussing it after the birth of LO5, who is 2.5.) and we both feel it's the right decision.
It sounds like you've really thought it through. I love big it is nice to see someone with baby #6 on the way All of your plans seem to be falling into place nicely for you with the timing. Thanks for not being offended by my question
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