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My parents are going away for 2 weeks beginning tonight. They have watched my DD since I went back to work at the beginning of July and she just adores them.

I have caregivers set up, but I am so nervous and feel like I'm going to cry about this. Tomorrow and Friday I am dropping her off with my pastors wife/friend. She has 3 kids of her own and DD has been there before. But I know she is going to cry and cry when I leave. She doesn't do well with people she's not familiar with. She cries if I leave her in the church nursery, or if I go to the bathroom and don't bring her with me at a friends house. Please please tell me she is going to be okay. What can I do to help her/make this easier?

I'm not as worried about the next two weeks, but still anxious. MIL is watching her the first week, my sister the second, but both at home, so it will be more familiar. Why am I so nervous and pretty much in tears about this?
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