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Opened my first PP claim :/

It was TORTURE to have to do it for me. I tried to mail the lady back and forth and be as understanding and kind as possible....but I did it.

I ordered some re-useable bags on August 31st. When they did not arrive 1.5 weeks later, just emailed her to make sure all was fine. She said yes and that she would look into it! I said thanks...and waited until Sept 24th until mailing again. When I did, she responded within a few hours...apparently they were never shipped and she would get them out to me asap. Oct. 2nd rolls around, and they still were not here (and I assumed maybe she would use good shipping since it had been a month, added extra bags (the few times I messed up on an order, I always added free stuff, to apologize...and to keep a good customer relations) I mailed her and she said (within a few hours again of mailing her) that she just got an email from another customer and she shipped them to the wrong address (printed out the wrong label again). I said thanks for letting me know, but tried to kindly say that if they were not here within a week regardless, I would have to open a PP claim, because my 45 days were coming up soon.

Well, they still weren't here yesterday, so I opened one. And I hate it, because she seems sweet, and I know those things can happen to anyone...but it has now been 1.5 months since I ordered
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