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Lightbulb Please Delete

I have an Echo Powder Puff Pink Ooga Booga w/ snaps.
See detailed pics here:

A little faded, as I read these tend to be, but not too bad IMO. I took pics around the legs where you can tell the color difference. I can tell the back elastic is more relaxed than my other SB's, around 4". The inside is not pure white, more of a cream, maybe that's how they are made, I don't know? No stains that I can see. I opened the leg elasic toggles for these pictures to show more of the pattern - they're still springy.

Sooo... anybody want to trade any of these below?
(I love this picture from Re-diaper, makes me giddy)

Gotta have aplix, I do prefer echos, and my first choices would be:
Retro Cars, Hot Dogs, Ooga 'Blooga' is it? ~the boy colored ooga
Second choices:
Robots, Later Gator, Sunny Side Up.
I have a giraffes already.

I thought this would be a fun thread for us Softbums Mamas!

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