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Re: Head Start...home visits?

Originally Posted by a_marines_wife03 View Post
My eldest went to head start last year. we had home visits all they did was come in and talk to you about what your child knows what they dont know that they need to know and set some goals for them for the next 6 months. for us it was not any big deal they did not look through our house or anything once she sat at the kitchen table because thats where the kids were playing. Once I met her in the drive way on our way out and she never even came in the house.
This.My oldest started headstart last month.First home visit was to meet the teachers, fill out paper work and one did a quick game of match colors and such to see how much he knew.I was very hesitant and put off by the home visit idea but afterwards I thought it was very nice.I got to talk to them one on one with no distractions to ask questions.
The next visit, think they do 3 all year, is to let us know how hes doing, if theres problems and stuff like that.
Its not bad and we love the teachers and everyone involved so its nice to be able to talk with them not in a school setting with 17 noisy kids.
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