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My 3 yr old has decided she won't wear wool because it "hurts" - we tried on 3 different pairs of longies today (BBR, cestari, and sbish machine knit) before she finally ended up in a pair of fleece pants. She also insists her sweaters hurt as well so she fussed over the shrug I'd put on her as well. In addition to her 5 prs of longies, knit dresses/skirts, and 4 sweaters she already has, she also has 3 more hand-knits ITW coming in the next couple of months. I will be devastated if she won't wear her knits anymore Please tell me it's just a phase. I did check her skin to see if the wool is irritating it at all and it doesn't appear to be and it never did in the past. ETA: correction, we tried on 4 pairs today!
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