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Re: Class Project: Why do/don't you buy WAHM diapers?

How much of your stash is WAHM made? Just a few B4s and some testers on the way from a local mama. Oh and a set of custom embroidered nana pants.

How did you decide to buy those brands (reputation, just fell in love, etc)? I'm on a local FB group that covets B4s so I had to join them. I've bought other WAHMs to try out new styles or cute prints.

How pleased have you been with your WAHM purchases (and why?) I've been a little disappointed and I think it's because there isn't as much pre-purchase info available about how they fit and how well they hold up. And I've lost a lot of money re-selling WAHM dipes. I like commercially available dipes because there is usually less variation in the construction.

Why don't you buy more (or any) WAHM diapers? Too many unknowns, and I haven't had any that I've just loved in the 2 dozen or so that we've tried. There's also "limitless" options on prints, I kind of like collecting prints from a certain maker and knowing that I've collected them all.

If money were no object, but all other situations were the same (WAHM stocking schedules, uncertainty about brands) would you have a fully WAHM stash? Nope!
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