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Re: Minimalist/raw/from scratch cooking help needed!

Hmm quite a challenge!

If you want the option of adding dairy to some meals to try for a little more "Americanized" experience once in a while, I would concentrate on the from scratch versions of the cream of... soups.

A gallon is 128 ounces which is 16 cups of milk, and one cup of milk makes what I consider to be one unit of a cream of... soup for a base for recipe. Do you have one cup containers? Milk can be frozen. Freeze the gallon into 16 one cup containers and then thaw one slowly in the fridge overnight to use in next day's recipe. That at least works out to $1 per meal to use the dairy which is reasonable and probably less than even trying to find the canned versions. Healthier, too with not all that salt and other stuff

To make from scratch, saute mushrooms/celery/whatever in butter (which can be purchased, rationed in amounts, and frozen as well) and then add some flour, whisking really well to form a paste. Add the milk (warmed) half at a time and whisk like crazy until smooth and thickened. Add salt and pepper. You could make ground pork versions of typical items like casseroles if you are craving a taste of home.

For other ideas with the ground pork-

Ground pork and cabbage pie (spin on Irish beef and cabbage pie). Maybe top with dumpling dough rolled out? I do this at home with tomatoes, either crushed or in sauce or paste, whatever I have laying around, I am not picky.

Ground pork meatloaf mixed with shredded carrots, egg, dried and crumbled spring roll wrappers for bread crumbs, and whatever other veggies you want to throw in
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