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New mom from Houston

Hi! My name is Julia, and I discovered this forum recently, and finally joined last night after checking out some carriers in the for-sale forum.

I'm 34 years old, married to my amazing husband for almost 10 years (in January), and new mommy to our DS born in July! We live just outside of SW Houston. I grew up in NY and north of Tampa, FL.

We'd been actively trying to conceive since April 2007, and after a year of trying, I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks in June 2008.

We saw an infertility specialist in April 2010, and it was discovered that I have slighted elevated FSH (it was 9.9 at the time). When fertility treatments were recommended (Clomid wouldn't work, apparently), we declined, as we had previously decided we just wanted to determine if there was an issue, and then go from there.

Over the course of the following year we became at peace with the idea of not having children of our own. It was painful, but after a while the peace just grew.

I've always wanted to adopt but my husband was hesitant, afraid he couldn't love someone else's child as his own. The way he loves, I knew it wouldn't be a problem. Finally last summer he warmed to the idea and we began pursuing adoption through an organization that went through the state.

In mid-November we were about to send the paperwork in, and I was a week late. My cycle is always on time since I was 10. Because of my FSH diagnosis, I thought it might be early menopause, so I took a pregnancy test while my husband was at work -- I usually only tested when he was home. It took a total of 3 tests to convince me! I was pregnant!!

My pregnancy was an amazing experience. Our miracle son was born naturally in July, and he is more than we ever dreamed!

Oh, and the adoption is on pause, as my DH says. We don't believe in the saying that if you pursue adoption you'll get pregnant. That cheapens adoption, and it's still in our hearts -- just not for right now.

I guess you could say we're semi-crunchy, but it's not on purpose -- just doing what feels right. And my husband HATES the term "crunchy." LOL!

We had a natural unmedicated birth (Bradley method -- my husband was an AMAZING coach!), we cloth diaper (love bumGenius pockets), I breastfeed (though he lost a lot of weight initially and we had to supplement with formula because I wasn't producing enough -- I've been working hard trying to produce more and this is actually the third day he's been exclusively breastfed since the first week of his life!!), and I want to get better at babywearing.

So, I guess that's my story! I never really intended to join any baby forums, as I've got a ton of real-life support, and I work (WAHM) in social media so I don't do a lot of that stuff in my free time (aside from Facebook), but this place looked cool! Thanks for having me!


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