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Re: Say something to the teacher or let it go...

Thanks, I'll email tonight then and see how today went. I know it's not a once off as it happens all the time coming home with his lunch.

Wasn't an issue with DS1 as he can eat fast if he needs to.

I can't stop by and talk to the teacher anytime soon as DH is away and I'm on my own this month, no babysitter. Plus I think with an email I'll be less likely to get overemotional and .....he said this and that.....

I know it's hard trying to figure out lunch for the entire class and it's not just him to take care of!

Oh, DS1 gets a snack in the morning this year as he is one of the later grades to go to lunch, DS2 is one of the first. Last year DS1 also got a snack, but in the afternoon.

His teacher is a 7 yr teacher of 1st grade, really good, but maybe she doesn't realize how hard it is for slow eaters like DS2. So I'll approach it as you said Emily, more inquisitive then WTH?
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