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Originally Posted by clothdiapercrunchy
25% of babies in the US roughly (this is what I was taught in nursing school) receive a topical numbing agent within the 5 minutes before the procedure is started. When I was in nursing school they literally applied the numbing cream to the area and within a minute were circumcising. When I asked the performing DR why it was put on so close to the procedure and not allowed time to be affective in numbing the area, he said, "because the parents like it better when we tell them we used it".
This is exactly what I was saying was my experience with hundreds of circs as a ped nurse. IF they use it they don't give it time to take effect. Can you realistically see a doc twiddling their thumbs in a nursery waiting for the agent to take effect.... No they go right to cutting. They just don't do it and that is a fact that I witnessed time and again.

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