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Re: What do you do when cars speed down your street?

Um, wow, lots to comment on...

First, I don't really do anything because I don't have the problem at my own house, we are the second house from the end of the road, they have to be slowing down when they get to my part of the street.

Aside from that, for random cars, I probably wouldn't do much of anything.

But, in your situation, I probably especially wouldn't do anything, because honestly, holding my kids hand is more important than waving at the drivers. And as you describe the "slow down" sign...that's probably what I would think you were doing was waving at drivers. I am actually a bit surprised the guy even knew what you were saying!

As for the specific situation about this guy and his rude behavior (which, I think he's being rude all around) for him to get all up in arms enough to come by and INSIST that you have no right to tell him to quit breaking the law...well that might just irk me off enough to start calling the cops, with his license plate number, every single time he came past my house speeding. Just because he irked me off.
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