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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange
I'd give him his nap back and I'd look into a toddler clock. He can wake up and know what time it is (sleepy time or wakeful time) and know that he needs to go back to bed.

On that note, I will say this, my daughter's internal clock is set. Period. If she goes to bed earlier or later, she will wake up at the same exact time, like clockwork. When I was a small child, I often woke up for the day at 5am. I don't know much about my napping or not napping, but I do know I was an early riser.

My daughter started doing the 5am thing at about 21 months and it lasted awhile. Maybe a month? I don't remember. Anyways, she did eventually go back to 7am and now at 24months, she's a strict 6:30am person. I usually check her diaper (I was putting her on the potty until that particular potty got a weeble flushed in it and the plumber hasn't been here yet) anyways.. and then I put her back in bed and tell her it's nighttime. She does not go back to sleep, but she usually gives us about 30 more minutes. Then I bring her in bed with me (I would prefer if she'd just play in her room) and I do not let her move or talk. If she tries to chat, she gets told 'shh, it's night night time' and she knows what this means and these days, she generally cuddles up quiet with me. Promptly at 7:30, reveille plays and I release her. I'm personally trying to teach her that we get up at reveille. sounds insane, I know, but I'm pregnant and exhausted. .

So, the early rising sucks, but isn't the real problem as I see it. The real problem is all the night wakings. A toddler clock with some consistency with putting him back in bed repeatedly for a few nights might help with those.
Thanks! I have thought about a toddler clock & I think I am just going to have to get one.

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