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Re: Lesson in futility or persistence?

Sounds like you're doing great, Mama. Our DD's are the same age and it seems we're on a similar potty training schedule. We started about one month ago. The first week or so, DD had maybe one or two sucessful pees in the potty and just as many accidents as you've reported. I was doing laundry everyday for a couple weeks because all her shorts and pants got wet. Slowly, but surely, the number of accidents have decreased. It's been learning feat for both of us. DD is learning how to control her body functions and I'm learning how long she can last. It is not a three day process.

I've learned to suggest going potty every 45 minutes. Sometimes she resists, and I give her 5 more minutes to play. If it's longer than an hour, she'll have an accident. This past Thursday and Friday, DD only had one accident. We even did a 2.5 hour car ride to Mimi's house without an accident. I pulled over every 45 minutes and had her pee in the potty that I keep in the back of the station wagon. The weekend was another story. She was over stimulated while playing with her cousin and had several accidents.

My DD is tiny and fiercely independent. She pushes me away and screams when she wants to do things herself. I have to step back and let her do everything like taking off her pants and underwear, even if the struggle upsets her and results in an accident. A big breakthrough for us was once DD got proficient at taking her pants and underwear off, she wanted to be get on the potty herself. (She prefers the toilet with a reducer ring.) The stepstool to get up to toilet was just 2 inches too short. I put big books under the stool and that made all the difference. Her accidents reduced greatly after that.

In this whole month of potty training, only a few poops have made it in potty. We're getting there. DD doesn't hide, but she'll tell me she's already gone poop or she's in the process of pooping. We'll run to potty and not make it in time. I hear poop in the potty comes a little later for some kids.

Good luck and keep up the hard work. Make it fun for your DD. We do potty dances, potty songs, and even a rare piece of candy.
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