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Originally Posted by badmisterkitty
Do some moms hold their babies 24-7? I don't. I don't want to. I want to snuggle for awhile, then put them down for awhile and get some work done, snuggle for awhile, put them down for awhile, etc. I don't have that kind of time any day of the week.

I've always gladly passed my baby to others, too. The only time I cringe is when old cigarrette hands MIL is around and I'm not sure if she's washed or not. She only forgot once, but it wrecked it for me. When people are over, I am balls to the wall busy with housework or whatever I can get done w hile someone else cuddles the baby.

I've also never had anyone try to soothe my babies. Seems like if they cried, they have always been returned to me. I have soothed other people's babies, though. Mom was busy, so I gave her a break. Never occurred to me that their moms would be upset.

I do think it's a child's personality that determines how they take to strangers and such, but I've always tried to balance the fine line between holding enough and holding too much because I cannot have a child attached to me 24-7 and if it prevents stranger anxiety, that's great, too.
I was always happy to pass them off to DH, my mom, and certain friends - but other people? Not so much. My MIL had a habit of saying things like "Oh, you don't need Mommy, Grandma's here now!" when my itti-bitties were crying. Lol, made me crazy.
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