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Re: What do you do when cars speed down your street?

Well, let me break it to you. NOTHING you do will stop the cars from speeding by. Nothing.

I live on a street that is the entrance to our subdivision, so not a ton of traffic, but a decent amount. We have lived here for 6 years and all six of those years a coalition of our neighbors have been HOUNDING the police dept to do something about all these speeders. They have set up speed traps, put one of those blinky signs up that tells you you are going too fast, etc, etc. They sat out there at rush hour every day for a week clocking speeders and handing out tickets. Did anything change? Nope. They have now put in a stop sign near my house, and I honestly hate it. People are now ACCELERATING as they go past my house. Lovely. SOOO much louder than it used to be. Ugh.

My next door neighbor will sit at the end of his driveway while his kids play outside and he gives the "slow down" signal to every car that speeds by. He has had SEVERAL people stop and cuss him out for it. He also pissed off one guy enough that that guy will now GUN IT as he passes now. Multiple times a day. It is seriously irritating. And it has been going on for close to a year. He must really hold a grudge!

So, yeah. I spray painted a line well back from the end of my driveway and taught the kids that they DO NOT cross that line unless I am holding their hands. The 5 year old does well with that. The 2 year old does most of the time, but I still have to watch her.
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