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Re: Nipples hurt soooo bad !!

Originally Posted by OHIOFIFI View Post
Well, I have some antifungal cream so I think I will start that tonight and check DS mouth in morning. I will go have my blood work done tomorrow so I can find out definitively if I am pregnant.
Honestly, between the nausea and nipple pain, I am about to go out of my mind. The other day I bloated up so bad I gained 4 lbs overnight !! The pants I had on the night before didn't fit the next morning gahhh! And DS will ONLY nurse on the side that is the most painful which he bit yesterday and made worse.
Sorry, I am a hot mess right now and having a regular ole pity party for myself . Thanks for your input, I do really appreciate it.
We all need a pity party every once in awhile. Good luck with the blood work!
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