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Oh why do these things happen right at naptime, when everyone is tired and grumpy?!

Faith swallowed a penny. It went down, no choking or coughing. I mean, I heard her cough a bit initially, but she stopped and hasn't since. She said her tummy hurts. I asked her to point to where it hurts, and she pointed to her belly, not her throat. The ped said that if I bring her in, they will send me for an xray. Or I could.go to the ER, where DH is working today. He could get us right in. Or I could wait and see how she is after naps (which is probably what I will do...ds is already asleep and I think she is too. I made her lay down.) Wwyd? Who's got experience.with this one?

Update - She fell.asleep and took a good nap. She woke up, ate dinner, and hasn't complained about it since. I'm not planning on taking her in unless she starts complaining again. Not sure how I will be able to look for it in her poop, since she's potty trained. I guess I could have her poop in a diaper for a couple of days so I can look for it? Gross!!
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