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Growing out of GERD

DS2 is 20 months old (today!). He was diagnosed with reflux at 2 months old. I did a full elimination diet and it didn't help. We did Zantac for a while, but it wasn't totally controlled. We tried Prevacid which was horrendous for him. He screamed in pain for days while he was on it. Prilosec has been pretty good. 2 months ago, we tried taking him off it again and he was a mess. Cried all night, didn't want to eat, etc.

Anyway, now that he's 20 months old and still needing medication, is he ever going to grow out of this? I was told by a couple of pedis to expect him to outgrow it by 6-12 months which clearly hasn't happened. Anybody have a kid go this long needing meds and eventually outgrow it?
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