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Re: KAL Oct 7-13 *Knit the funk away!*

This was posted by someone on a blog. I couldn't link it because it is actually a comment of how to make the original pattern but in the round:

CO 25 (29,35,41), divide sts evenly on 3 DPNS [you can use circular needles, but I found that was hard to do with such a small diameter cuff. Double pointed needles are much easier to work with in this case IMHO.]
1) Join last st casted on to first st, being careful not to twist the sts. K row
2) Purl row 2
3) Repeat steps 1-2 (knit & purl each successive row) for 8 (10,12,14) rows
4) [begin decreases] K 10 (12,15,18), K2tog, K1, K2 tog, K10 (12,15,18)
5) K9 (11,14,17), K2tog, K1, K9 (11,14,17)
6) K8 (10,13,16), K2tog, K1, K(10,13,16)
7) Cont decrease pattern until 17 (19,23,27) sts left
8) [ribbed cuff], K1P1 across row for 4 (5,6,7) rows. Double to 8 (10,12,14) to have a fold-down cuff
9) Bind off LOOSELY. [If you don't bind off very loosely, the cuff will not give.]

Oh, so one more thing. On step 8 of my list, when making the ribbed cuff, since there are an odd # of sts, the ribbing doesn't work, as you end up starting and ending with a knit. So, for the first row only, K2tog for the first st, then P1,K1 through the rest. You should then end with a purl before starting again with a K for the beginning of the next row.
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