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Re: When did you decide to just call it quits as far as CD'ing?

i've had some similar issues with redness/fit. i also loved the bg freetimes but can't deal with the marks they were leaving. i'm using bgos on him right now but it does still leave some marks. i know from before the two combos that worked for us and no marks were either a bamboo sandies with wcw soaker (very trim actually and pretty reliable) or a disana tie nappy stuffed with a small gmd flat topped with an underwoolies. the tie nappy combo was a little more fluffy but he loved these on, so comfy! i still have a box full of them and have contemplated taking them out but i know i would never get him back into the convenient pockets again if i did
as far as when to give up, i don't know. you could take a mini break and use sposies for a week and see how it goes.
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