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Must have pregnancy items

So I wanted to do a search to see if there was something I am missing to get for my 4th and final pregnancy.

I found top 10 and top 25 list on what products pregnant moms can not live without.

It was everything from juicers to lipstick to $40 hand cream.

So what are your top 10 pregnancy must haves?

1) Maternity yoga pants
2)Earth mama angel baby mother wellness tea.
3)Argan oil and or coconut oil (argan is great for lips)
4)My elle mcpherson nursing bra as well as my pea in the pod sleep nursing bra
5)comfy shoes
6)workout videos--pre-natal yoga and my new favorite Tracy Anderson workout video which has a different workout for each month
7)A good body pillow--I need one any suggestions?
8)french fries--apparently my craving this pregnancy
9)candies like preggo pop drops
10)ice cream! preferrably ben and jerrys

I am sorry I added food but that is where my mind seemed to go.
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